Skull Grin Theme

Skull Grin Theme (S60 3rd)

Freaky face for your phone


  • Imposing background skull image
  • Original, colorful icons


  • Some of the icons are a bit ambiguous

Very good

If you're a Satanist, a goth just a follower of ghouls and ghosts in general then you're going to love the Skull Grin Theme.

The installation will add a a full-screen vector rendering of the Grim Reaper's face as your phone's background wallpaper. This makes your main screen look very striking - if a little chilling.

The Skull Grin Theme also changes the look of some your S60 system menus, replacing the default buttons with colorful new icons. They look great, although I struggled to figure out what a few of them were supposed to be.

It may not be the prettiest theme ever, but the Skull Grin Theme certainly includes some interesting design work.

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Skull Grin Theme


Skull Grin Theme (S60 3rd)

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